Wills and Inheritances

The Lior Pick & Co. law firm offers a variety of services in the area of wills and inheritances both in the practical aspect and in the legal tax aspect.

Our firm has wide experience in dealing with international wills and administering foreign residents’ estates in Israel, assisting in finding creative solutions while maintaining a high level of service and personal availability.

  • Preparing personal wills
  • Preparing mutual wills between spouses
  • Counseling and accompanying in trials on probates and inheritance orders
  • Will validity and voiding
  • Estate administration

Our firm has vast experience in phrasing and validating wills (including mutual wills and conditional wills, and wills that determine provisions regarding heirs after heirs) and handling inheritance matters (including estate relinquishment and division between heirs agreements).

The Lior Pick & Co. law firm is experienced in dealing with inheritance disputes including on issues of will validity, the testator’s resolve, undue influence, and the manner of dividing property and in disputes that concern disinheriting family members from an inheritance.

Moreover, our firm deals with the various issues that follow from the existence/absence of a will, including the manner of dividing the estate, appointing an estate administrator, dissolving partnership in properties, etc.

Our firm assists clients in the process of submitting applications to grant probates, inheirtance orders and/or submitting objections thereto.