March 30

Estate Tax in Israel

Lior Pick Adv. (CPA) and Shiri Weiss, Adv.

One of the issues on Moshe Kachlon’s agenda, Israel’s next minister of finance, is the institution of an estate tax.
In one of the interviews Kachlon gave during his political campaign, he said that he is in favor of instituting an estate tax on estates exceeding ten million shekels at the rate of between 20 to 25 percent.

February 29

International Competence for Debating a Person’s Legacy in Israel

Lior Pick, Attorney-at-Law, CPA, Shiri Weiss, Attorney-at-Law

The Family Affairs Court is competent to debate a person’s legacy in Israel, when the legator’s place of residence at the time of his demise was in Israel, or when the legator left assets in Israel (Section 136 of the Inheritance Law).

September 8

Issues Regarding the Division of Assets amongst Heirs

Lior Pick, Attorney-at-Law, CPA

‪It is common knowledge that, as a part of the division of land estates, there are opportunities to plan taxation correctly. This is sometimes required and essential in order to reduce the tax burden involved in receiving/dividing and/or selling assets. Over recent years, we have witnessed numerous disputes involving the taxation issues deriving from division of legacies.